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Vascular Ultrasound Scans

Vascular Ultrasound Service

Vascular Ultrasound Wide-ranging solutions to your imaging needs

Beehive Healthcare Solutions are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive range of vascular Ultrasound services to both the NHS and private healthcare establishments. Beehive Healthcare Solutions draw’s on over 18 years worth of experience within the sector, to provide a quality of service that you can trust.

Vascular disease is the major cause of death within the UK accounting for approximately 40% of all deaths. The risk of vascular disease increases with age so the early detection of vascular disease is paramount. Beehive Healthcare Solutions use the latest technology and a pool of highly trained, highly skilled, vascular scientists to deliver a service to the client that is second to none.


Choose a service that fits your department needs

Beehive Healthcare Solutions offers:

  • Full time managed service
  • Part time managed service
  • Portable service
  • Private hospital or clinic service
  • Varicose vein managed services

Beehive Healthcare Solutions will tailor make a package to fit around you and your demands, and our commitment to excellence will ensure that the service provided more than meets expectations.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions Managed Service allows you to benefit by:

  • High clinical standards
  • Reduced risk to patients
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Rapid diagnosis and reporting
  • Guaranteed to meet targets
  • Guaranteed services
  • Reduced service costs
  • Tailor-made packages

Many Vascular Laboratories and Vascular Ultrasound Departments are currently finding themselves short of staff or with an over-burdening workload. The resultant pressure on staff, and on the service as a whole, leads to reduced service quality and can rapidly impact on patient care.

Traditional solutions to the problem; such as increasing the Department’s substantive head count, greater use of the department Bank and Part-time staff, or short term use of temporary ‘Locum’ staff, may not provide sufficient extension or flexibility to settle the issue, or may not be politically acceptable at the present time.

What does this mean to you?

Beehive Healthcare Solutions can offer a bespoke service for your Vascular Laboratory, providing what-ever is needed to increase the Department’s workflow and meet current and future requirements. We can provide you with

  • A Vascular Sonographer / Vascular Scientist.
  • The Ultrasound scanner for them to work with.
  • Administrative support, including Image/Report storage.
  • A patient telephone booking service.
  • Clinic consumables, such as Ultrasound Gel.

In short, what-ever your requirements are to meet the demands being placed on you – we can provide a tailored solution.

What are the Benefits?

One of the most important benefits of a Beehive Healthcare Solutions Managed Service is our commitment to quality in everything we do.

We recognised that the quality of our staff and their clinical ability, directly reflects on your opinion of Beehive Healthcare Solutions and our patients opinion of your Department. We therefore only employ experienced, qualified staff who we can depend on.

In addition, all of our staff are covered by their own Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as our own £2 Million MDU Corporate Clinical Indemnity Insurance policy. This policy provides clinical indemnity insurance for any and all work we perform whilst under contract to you.

Our Service Level Agreements include a guarantee of service provision. Under the terms of this, if we cancel a booked session, not only do you not pay us for the session, but we pay you a percentage of the fee as a Penalty Charge.   (Don’t go expecting the Department to get rich with these payments though – to date we have never cancelled a session, so the charge has never been applied!)

What will it cost?

Without Beehive Healthcare Solutions, a Band 7 or Band 8 Vascular Scientist is going to cost the Trust a salary of between £40,000 and £48,000, depending on experience.

On top of this would be the 11% Employers National Insurance Contributions, the NHS Pension contributions, plus any enhancements, over-time payments and the like.

In addition, there will be a need to take on some form of temporary cover, or reduce the service provision, during periods of Annual Leave and Sickness.

Together, these could easily double the anticipated cost based on just the staff wage. And that is just for the manpower – and excludes the cost of equipment, support staff and consumables.

At Beehive Healthcare Solutions, we can put together a Managed Solution for an economical charge rate .

Staffing and equipment provision can be arranged for the days and times that you require them, allowing you to avoid expenditure when ever possible.

And you can tailor the solution to your own intimate requirements, retaining as much or as little control and responsibility as you want or need. Provision can run in tandem with your own Department, or it can be fully integrated in to the current service to present a seamless front to the Patient and other stake holders.

For example: if you are just low on man-power; Beehive Healthcare Solutions can arrange a contract to supply a Vascular Ultrasound Practitioner for whatever hours you are most in need. Whole days… part days…. Evenings… weekends… what-ever!

The Practitioner can work within your Department, under your direct line management; not unlike a locum Sonographer. But, unlike a locum who might take time off at a moments notice or just fail to arrive one morning, with Beehive Solutions you can be absolutely certain that they’ll be there

Or, if you have as many staff as your Department can handle but still the workload is increasing; Beehive Healthcare Solutions can supply a Vascular Ultrasound Practitioner and a suitable ultrasound scanner.

Again, they can work under your direct line management, or could be based off-site entirely; allowing you to set up a community or clinic based out-patient service.

 The options are limitless.                                             The opportunities are staggering.

There is a real possibility that you can turn a problem in to a genuine service development.

Why Trust the work to Beehive Solutions?

We have the experience and the know-how to make this work, and a proven track record. We current provide the entire Vascular Ultrasound service in some Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG), and are providing Out-of-hours and Weekend services in others.  See our Current Activity for more details.

Why trust the work to anyone else?


Running mixed list sessions?

It is also entirely possible to combine the Vascular Ultrasound Service with our other sector-specific scanning modules, such as General Abdominal scanning. Our experts have years of experience in medical ultrasound in areas including general medicine, urology, musculoskeletal , gynecology, pelvis, testicular & men's health. 

Our full range includes abdomen, pelvis, kidneys, bladder, prostate, fertility, ovary, testicle, scrotal, Hip, knee, shoulder, Elbow, hands, feet, groin, Hernia, Face, Head, ankle, Achilles Tendon, Heel, wrist to name a few. Our full range can be viewed via the site menu. 

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