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Monitoring and Accountability

Monitoring and Accountability

Service Guarantees

Beehive Healthcare Solutions recognise that cancellation of scan lists causes distress to patients and staff alike, and can have a domino effect on other clinical departments and treatment plans. Ultimately, they can increase mortality rates.

We therefore offer guarantees of service delivery, backed by financial penalties.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions guarantees to provide services for a minimum of 95% of planned activity.
(D.N.A.'s and patient self-cancellations excluded).


Feedback and Performance Reviews

Beehive Healthcare Solutions recognise the importance of high quality and reliable performance feedback, both as a means of ensuring service delivery and to allow clients to provide their own stakeholder feedback where required.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions can therefore provide reports on any aspect of our service; from total patient numbers, to lead times between bookings and appointments, to service usage of individual clinical referrers broken down by examination.

in addition, Beehive Healthcare Solutions undertake regular performance reviews measured against key indicators identified with in any service level agreement. Again, full feedback is made available to our clients.

These reviews are vital to ensure we only provide the best quality service possible.

Where we believe we may see difficulties developing in the future; we believe in preemptive action, to prevent the problems form arising.

Where we find an issue arising during our performance reviews; we believe in pro-active attention, to ensure the problem is resolved before it can cause further difficulties.

Beehive Healthcare Solutions perform regular audits on multiple aspects of our service. Full details can be found in our downloadable Clinical Governance - Protocols & Risk Policy


Care Quality Commission

Beehive Healthcare Solutions was one of the first private companies to be licensed under the new Care Quality Commission registration scheme.

Full details of the Care Quality Commission license scheme and Beehive Solutions' registration.



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