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13-34 week reassurance scan

13-34 week reassurance scan



This scan is available to confirm that an on-going pregnancy is progressing nicely

A Reassurance Scan can be performed at any stage of your pregnancy. You'll be able to see the baby moving and we'll measure it to see how it is growing.


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Right Kidney as seen on Ultrasound Examination

Further Information

The exact nature of the scan; what structures are examined and what measurements are taken; will depend on the gestational age of the pregnancy - since Ultrasound appearances change over time.

For instance, at 13 weeks the fetal heart is too small to examine its structure in detail and by 33 weeks it is getting too large to see in its entirety. Between 20 - 26 weeks it can be seen very clearly and in high detail.

In a similar way, other aspects of the baby are best seen and measured between set gestations, before space becomes too limited and the calcifying bones start to absorb the ultrasound rather than allowing us to see through them.

In most Pregnancy ultrasound examinations, the scan will show the developing baby and will reassure you that all is well. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that sometimes pregnancy complications arise resulting in a failiure of the pregnancy. This can be completely unexpected and without warning and requires us to be the bearers of the worst kind of bad news. In such circumstances, we will ensure you have time and support to process the information and to receive whatever medical care is required.


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