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16-36 week gender scan

16-36 week gender scan



The examination is primarily to identify the gender of the devloping baby.

Before deciding to have an ultrasound scan to determine the sex of your baby, you should consider that ultrasound cannot offer 100% confirmation; and no guarantee can be made. Ultrasound can be unclear and, occasionally, even the best Sonographers can interpret the images wrongly.


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Right Kidney as seen on Ultrasound Examination

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The Sonographer will give you their best possible opinion of the sex of the baby, having examined its genital structures. If they are uncertain, an additional scan may be offered at no extra charge.

During the Ultrasound Scan, we'll also look at the growth and anatomy of the baby and produce a report on its on-going development

In most Pregnancy ultrasound examinations, the scan will show the developing baby and will reassure you that all is well. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that sometimes pregnancy complications arise resulting in a failiure of the pregnancy. This can be completely unexpected and without warning and requires us to be the bearers of the worst kind of bad news. In such circumstances, we will ensure you have time and support to process the information and to receive whatever medical care is required.

For multiple pregnancy's (twins/triplets), there is an additional £25 charge.


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