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Private Testicular Ultrasound Scan

Private Testicular Ultrasound Scan



Ultrasound scanning of so-call "Small-Parts" requires both specialised scanning competency and specialised ultrasound equipment. Ultrasound scanning is particularly valuable in the examination of the Scrotum and is often used as a first line of investigation in a wide variety of clinical conditions.


  • Testicular aches or pains
  • Testicular lumps
  • History of infections
  • Swollen testes

Our Ultrasound scanners are all high-specification systems with transducers specifically designed for the case mix scanned. In particular, for Small-Part scanning, we insist that our transducer/scanner combination has an axial resolution of <0.3mm, a lateral resolution of <3mm & 1mm focal zones.

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Right Kidney as seen on Ultrasound Examination

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